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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Counselling

Individual Psychotherapy and Use of the Couch

Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy explores the connection between events in early life, which may be unconscious, and the current difficulty or distress. Psychotherapy offers a reliable setting to explore these issues, feelings and memories without fear of judgement. This type of therapy can offer a more in-depth treatment and is generally over a longer period of time. Psychotherapy can be either face to face on a weekly basis or more frequently, such as 3 times a week with the patient having the opportunity to use a therapy couch.

The use the couch usually has a significant impact on the therapy as it provides an opportunity for the patient and psychotherapist to bear and use silences for reflection, to allow feelings and thoughts to emerge and be explored without concern for usual social discourse. In short it has allows more freedom and movement within the room, within the patients’ psyche and the therapeutic alliance. Ultimately use of the couch provides the opportunity to elucidate previously inaccessible feelings to emerge and be acknowledged and subsequently worked through. Lying down can enhance the work and allow other unattainable thoughts and feelings to emerge. However, for some, the couch may be quite frightening or daunting. A great degree of trust in the psychotherapist is needed and even then, the feelings evoked when lying down can be quite overwhelming and unbearable.

For some people, it may be beneficial to lie down or sit at different stages of their therapy but it is important that the choice is theirs, until perhaps the ending when it can be important for the patient to be upright and grounded and be able to face their therapist to say goodbye.

Face to Face Brief Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic counselling offers a brief intervention that will help you to explore the unconscious thoughts that impact upon your daily life and relationships.

Particular attention is given to the developing relationship with the therapist, as it is through this that the client is able to re-experience relationships from his or her early life and explore new ways of relating, free from the issues that previously caused distress. Through this relationship, the client may achieve a new and better resolution of long-standing conflicts and overcome barriers to change and growth.

Who might it be useful for?

  • Anyone who is struggling with personality difficulties and may be in need of psychological support.
  • You may have a diagnosis of a personality disorder or a mental health difficulty and have a desire to work through issues from the past that have contributed towards the problem.

  • Anyone suffering from trauma or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Anyone struggling with interpersonal relationship difficulties.
  • Anyone seeking to develop a greater self awareness.
  • Anyone wanting to resolve issues from the past.

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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Assessments are £75-£85 and ongoing sessions from £75-£85 depending on complexity. Sessions will last 50 minutes.
It is usual for the full fee to be charged for missed sessions.


We offer low cost psychotherapy with trainee psychotherapists who are in the final stages of their long training. This is an excellent way to access psychotherapy as their work is closely scrutinised by a supervisor and so you will have two minds thinking about how to best help you. The trainees are registered with a professional body and hold the appropriate insurance.

Whether you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy as a psychotherapist covering Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay our psychotherapists will be happy to discuss your needs with you and suggest the most appropriate intervention. Call or text us on 07596177669, or get in touch by email to find out more, or to arrange an initial appointment with one of our therapists.

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